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An Invitation to love Jesus...
This site is the online home of the two Patricks - visionaries from Cookstown Northern Ireland. This site is for the promotion of the Messages of Love as given by Jesus to the two patrick's.
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"...Do not fear for the body but look to the soul..."
Wednesday 10 January 2018

The Messages
The Message Jesus gave for the Day of Love beautifully and wisely instructs us to get closer and deeper with Jesus and to stop ignoring Him when He calls.  As the Patricks said during the Weekend of Love, we can talk about what the pope is doing, what is going on in the Church and in the world but we would be better off using our time focusing on building our own relationship with Jesus on solid ground, becoming deeply planted in Him so that no matter what is to come, we will not be blown away.
Suppression of Christian Belief
We have included a current article which contains specific events which occurred to a Christian student group within National University Ireland, Galway.  To this day they are discriminated against  because they have the confidence to stand up for Jesus and His Truth. We believe their story should be shared so we can support them in prayer and also take example from them and their courage.
Sacrifice and Lent
Messages of Love that Jesus gave on Sacrifice and Lent have also been included in this months Newsletter to remind ourselves what our Lord wants and needs from us in the upcoming Lenten Season.  Let this Lent be full of fasting from sin and feasting on the good things of God, as it says in the prayer on the back cover of this Newsletter.  Let it be full of effort and giving of ourselves to our Father in secret.  Let us give Jesus our hearts this approaching Lent fully and completely in joy and Love.
Good Counsel Network
Recently the Good Counsel Network and all Pro-Life groups that offer support outside abortion clinics have been under attack. Currently, to help in this decision process, ‘SPUC’ are gathering statements from Pro-Life people who have taken part in the vigils.  More of this inside.


Sunday 18 February 2018
Stay close to Me, My children, for you are in times of great darkness and many dangers surround you.

Stay close to Me and follow My Gospel Path; be obedient to My Commandments, live them and you shall face no danger.
Prepare much, children, through prayer and sacrifice for so many of your brothers and sisters are giving themselves over to a life of sin in My Name. So many promote sin in My Name and believe that they are following a path of truth, a path of love, a path of mercy but they have been blinded by the lies of self, they have listened to the lies of the evil one.
Remember, children, those that said they followed the Ways of My Father but, in their blindness, Crucified Me and, once again, those who say that they follow Me are Crucifying Me through the lies that they promote throughout My Church.
I have told you that I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, that I do not change, yet, these blind souls have twisted My Mercy, My Forgiveness, My Truth into a lie that accepts sin.
Sin is darkness: I am Light; the two do not mix.
It is like you, My children, if you have a pot of black paint and a pot of white paint and mix them it is a dark paint you are left with. My Truth is like the white paint, it cannot be compromised, it cannot be distorted, it cannot be mixed with anything. Truth is Truth and it stands alone in its brilliance.
Wake up, My children, and see the Truth.
My Church is under attack through the lies of lucifer, through those who have given in and listen to what he has promoted.
You live in the end times, My children, and little time is left before I will Come and destroy the darkness and rebuild what has been destroyed for I tell you the Truth, My children, My Church will shine once again. Those within its walls will shine with My Truth and Love will abound.
Prepare, My little children, prepare for, the Day of your God is at hand, prepare! I Love you.



Bridget O' Donnell


Living Flames of Love.

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